Nick has a deep affinity for the adolescent time of life, and respect for all of the dramatic and exciting possibilities and change involved in this stage of development. He is fascinated by it and is a gifted scholar and teacher of all things and wonders that are the adolescent – neuroplasticity, brain development and chemistry, hard wired risk taking, the creation of personal identity, becoming sexual beings, puberty, the power of peer connection and influence. Nick’s power and wisdom in his work and in his life couples knowledge, advocacy, intense passion and a devoted focus on strength. He is a master of inquisitive questioning that invites young people, as well as parents and other adults, to find their strengths, embrace their personal dignity and use this power to fuel physical and psychological health and a happier life. Nick is genuine, wise, direct, safe, fun, intelligent, curious, ethical, has exceptional boundaries and integrity, and is deeply committed and dedicated to guiding those he serves to true health and wellness. In my thirty-five years of experience leading youth service and advocacy programs, Nick is one of the most talented, gifted, dedicated and exceptional professionals I know.”

Jen Brown, Retired Program Manager of Boulder County Prevention and Intervention Program

“The most obvious area that Megan is an asset is to our students who are in distress. It is without fail that I refer these students to Megan. Often, they come back and thank me for referring them to such a professionally gifted and helpful person. One student came to me months after I had referred her to Megan and she said (word for word) “Mr. Fox, thank you so much for referring me to Ms. Megan. I was so mad at you when I did, but she is amazing. Before talking to her I couldn’t pay attention in class, I couldn’t eat, I barely could sleep. Now… I don’t know, I guess it just feels good to be a student again, one who enjoys class and lunch just like everyone else.”     

-Russell Fox, High School Teacher

Nick was my rock during high school.  He kept me going to school and staying positive. Nick motivated and inspired me like no one has ever done before. When people ask me how I got through high school, I tell them it was because of Nick helping me on my rainy days. I am now working on becoming a counselor because I too want to make a difference in the lives of people. I can not think of a better career than doing for others what Nick did for me.”


"Megan is a true professional centered on the well being of her clients with a caring approach that involves the whole family.”  -Ann, Principal

“I was having trouble with my 17 year old daughter, she was not communicating, negative, and withdrawn.  After working with Nick and applying his suggestions on how to communicate and be more present for my daughter, the difference it made was amazing.  We now have an open line of communication and a much more positive relationship!  Words can’t express how much he helped my family.  I am forever grateful!”

Kerry (parent)

“Nick kept things 100% real with me and I really appreciate that.  It never felt like Nick was talking down to me, he treated me as an equal and things just felt like a conversation.  The lessons I learned from Nick have given me a sense of strength, wisdom, and balance.  He kept me centered and on track, even during the hardest of times” 


“During my decade of service I have known of no other therapist who compares to Nick Thompson. His energy and unique ability to connect with youth is uncanny and worthy of continuous praise. His ultimate goal is to help youth develop skills to be successful in all avenues of life. Nick’s creativity goes unmatched. It is truly remarkable the time and energy Nick puts into finding innovative ways to teach wellness to youth. Nick is an expert in the area of adolescent development and puts continuous work into perfecting a craft to teach and coach youth on how to be happy, balanced, mindful, and contributing citizens.”

Kristin Hefflon, School Counselor

“I learned more about myself in working with Nick than I ever had in my life.  He showed me how to handle myself in tough times.  Other therapists were always afraid to confront me on my stuff and danced around the main issues, but Nick was direct and honest with me.  I was slipping up for a while but Nick helped me realize who I want to be and not to give up on the things that are important to me.”


“I have been in education for 30 years and in those years I have worked with countless school counselors and mental health professionals and I can say with complete confidence that Nick has stood out above all the others.  Nicks ability to connect with people, to listen, and to guide when needed is without equal. His ability to quickly build trusting relationships with young people allows him to reach youth that others have failed to reach. Personally, I have learned so much from Nick on how to best be present and support my own daughter.”

Tammy Coleman, School Administrator

“Nick is absolutely amazing!!! As a parent facilitator, Nick supports the parents by listening to their issues and concerns about what is going on with their teen. He shares ways to better communicate with their teen, how to set realistic boundaries and consequences, and how to best understand what the teen is actually going through themselves in order to better understand their actions. Nick does all of this with great energy, compassion, expertise and humor. The parents LOVE Nick and consistently state that they have learned soooo much from him! They report improved communication and understanding with their teen and report greatly improved family satisfaction!”

Deb Roberts, Executive Director at Alternatives for Youth/iTHRIVE

“I have had the privilege of working with Nick for several years now.  I am constantly impressed by his capacity to make strong authentic connections with youth from all backgrounds.  Nick has this uncanny ability to validate the experiences of the youth he works with, while at the same time, not letting those experiences be barriers to their goals. He is one of the most dedicated and passionate professionals who always displays unconditional positive regard for those around him, and he has a lot of fun doing it! 

Kristie Robbins, Counselor

“I have had the opportunity to observe Nick as he works with students ranging in ages between 14 and 21. Nick reaches into young peoples’ hearts and minds by sharing personal anecdotes, scientific studies, and open discussions.  Students want to tell Nick their personal story because they recognize that he is genuine, honest, knowledgeable and would would never judge or ridicule. Parents, teachers, and colleagues (including myself) are amazed by the common sense that he seamlessly imparts to all. He has a wonderful and unique gift. He helps people imagine what life has to offer and shows them the tools that they will need to traverse through the labyrinth of adolescence.”

Tracey Saunders, High School Teacher

“I had the privilege of working with Nick for three years, he as Interventionist, and me as Dean of Students.  We are both social workers, and kindred spirits as it relates to how to best engage with and assist adolescents who are experiencing mental health issues.  I had many opportunities to observe Nick in sessions, as well as partner with him on difficult cases.  His skills of building trust, evoking change, and initiating healing are exceptional.  Even as an experienced practitioner, I learned a great deal from Nick.  Young people in the Longmont, Boulder, and Denver area are lucky to have access to someone who is both highly skilled and deeply compassionate.”

Belinda Backous, LMSW

Academic Advisor at Grinnell College

“Nick is a passionate youth advocate in the strongest sense of the words.  Nick works tirelessly to ensure that youth are empowered to understand themselves, and their life circumstances so that they are in charge of the direction they choose to go.  When youth leave their time spent with Nick they leave with hope, knowledge, empowerment and positivity.   It is close to impossible to leave a time with Nick where you don’t feel better about yourself, your circumstances, your confidence, your self-esteem or your relationships if not all of the above.”

Matt Hofmeister

Mental Health Support Coordinator at St. Vrain Valley School District